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About 0xPlatform

We create the future of distributed computing platform.

With 0x Platform's highly-reliable and elastic computing, storage and networking systems, you can easily distributed applications' computing, storage and networking loads to nearby fog nodes.
This video is an example of performing MapReduce for big data analytics by using 0xPlatform's dispersed computing APIs. More applications are coming!

0xPlatform Services

0xPlatform's Next-Generation Distributed Computing, Storage and Networking Services

Dispersed Computing Framework and Programming Model

The Dispersed Computing program seeks scalable, robust decision systems that enable secure, collective tasking of computing assets in a mission-aware fashion by users with competing demands, and across large numbers of heterogeneous computing platforms.

Highly-reliable Elastic Fog Storage Service

0xPlatform's distributed storage system aims to provide an elastic storage layer that extends clients’ storage space by attaching remote storage resources, such as edge devices, with local transparency, thus, providing a seamless and practical extension of the client’s storage with minimum I/O performance degradation.

LISP-based network serviceLISP-based network service

Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol is a networking protocol to solve the scalability problem of IPv4 based Internet routing system. Our LISP-based network service has defined four use case scenarios to show the benefits of LISP: ingress/egress traffic engineering, virtual machine live migration, vertical handover, and data center recovery.

Fog/Edge Intelligence Layer for Internet of Things

Perform the computing-intensive part of AI applications on fog instead of running them directly on IoT devices. Fog intelligence layer supports real-time AI applications with more interactive, responsive and context-oriented features.

Intelligent Network Configuration in SDN

To overcome limitations of current DCN (Data Center Network) technologies, 0xPlatform provides a dynamic traffic engineering system for data center network based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. The proposed system consists of three major procedures: optimal topology composition, traffic load balancing, and failure recovery.

AI-assisted Live Stream Highlight

0xPlatform's highlight extraction system automatically collects only important scenes from live streaming services such as YouTube and switch based on artificial intelligence and statistics.

0xPlatform's Ongoing Research Projects

We are pursuing a strong research-oriented culture and we are always developing our business through a series of R&D projects.

SDN/NFV Network Management and Testbed

The main goal of this research project includes; the performance improvement of SDN controllers, developing traffic engineering algorithm for efficient resource management, and network service virtualization on the top of SDN/NFV.

Smart Mediator for Mashup Service

This research project aims at designing and implementing a smart mediator for mashup services. In this project, the smart mediator connects IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Security platforms and provides OpenAPIs which enables mashup service developers to access and manipulate ICBMS platforms.

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